Created using three simple principles


"If he doesn't give me a firm handshake and look me in the eye, I may not even go to the game"

Long-time Major League Baseball scout Joe Morlan Sr. looked for more than just talent in high school prospects. Before games, Mr. Morlan would take time to meet teachers to learn what kind of person the player was off the field. Mr. Morlan would then arrange to meet the prospect before the game because he said, "If he doesn't give me a firm handshake and look me in the eye, I may not even go to the game." He knew a poor handshake was an indication of other weaknesses.


5 Lessons from the Field

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden spent 14 years developing a philosophy and definition of success. Wooden believed success was a peace of mind in knowing you made the effort to become the best you are capable of being. He developed a framework indentifying the essential building blocks of success. Handshake America uses this as a framework to teach its students about success and how it is achieved.


Handshake Coaches find there are more direct ways to give back than writing a check or running a race

Industry leaders and professionals provide enthusiastic support to many meaningful causes around the world. Unfortunately, these leaders often do not have much time to give directly back to other individuals that could benefit from their guidance. While fundraising is important, it is difficult to spend meaningful time with the benefactors of their philanthropy. Handshake America aims to provide these direct coaching opportunities to those who want to help but do not have enough time.

The Handshake Scholarship Program

Handshake America believes in the importance of a proper handshake and what it may reveal about a person's character. Utilizing John Wooden's Pyramid of Success, we help students become aware of the basic elements and definition of "success", while leveraging the experiences they have gained through athletics. With your help, we are able to provide scholarships and mentorships to our students.


Handshake America has been steadily growing since it was founded as "The Handshake Foundation" in 2011. Every year, Handshake America has expanded to reach out to more schools in Central Ohio. We plan to grow and expand to help student-athletes in Atlanta and other cities.

How can you help?

For more information or to get involved contact Susan Gallogly at 614.841.0199 or susangallogly@handshakeamerica.org

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